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Why You Should Book a Private Boat Charter in the US Virgin Islands

Many people have told me that the day they spent on the water with us was the best day of their vacation and that they are so happy they decided to book their charter. Given the large number of emails I receive from folks asking questions about our charters, it occurred to me that there … Read more


The Donkeys of St John

Many people come to St John for the natural beauty and are amazed to find all different types of animals as well. One that stands out the most is the donkey. The donkey is a non-native species dating back to the “plantation days” when the sugar mills ran on donkey power. When the sugar mills stopped … Read more


USVI Travel Tips

A lot of you will be traveling down to the USVI in the coming months so here’s a travel tip for you. The travel day back home is always tough, but even worse when you have an early check out and a later flight. What can you do? There are a lot of options for how to … Read more


How To Travel Light to the USVI

We’ve been coming down to the Virgin Islands for years now, and I always chuckle to myself when I see people at the airport or on the ferry struggling with these HUGE suitcases. (Picture a family of 4 or 2 couples with 4 big bags, 4 carry-on size bags and an assortment of “personal items”.) … Read more


Introduction: Captain Kirk

Allow me to introduce you to our captain and manager, Kirk McGeorge. Captain Kirk joined the Navy in 1976 and served six years, first as an Aircraft Mechanic and later as a Deep Sea Diver.  He bought his first sailboat in 1983 and became a full-time, live aboard sailor in 1994. He has sailed his … Read more


Island Girl’s Arrival

On November 5th, we flew down to St Thomas in anticipation of Island Girl’s arrival between 11/6 and 11/8. Shortly after we arrived, the shipping company informed us that our freighter, Sea Steamer, was delayed due to bad weather in Turks and Caicos which was preventing them from unloading a large boat there. So, we waited … Read more


Sea Trials Part 2 and Our Big Journey

Sea Trials Part 2 A couple of weeks ago, we flew down to Fort Myers, FL for 3-4 days of sea trials on Island Girl. Because the fuel in the tanks was over a year old, there was some water in the fuel and we got off to a rough start. (Water in boat fuel tanks is … Read more


Gibney and Oppenheimer Beaches

Did you know that one of the most picturesque beaches on St John was used for a few movies like “the Four Seasons“ and  “Columbus“ and only has parking for a few cars? That’s right.  It’s Gibney Beach and Oppenheimer Beach located on Hawksnest Bay on St John. Originally owned by the Gibney family of … Read more


Hiking Ram’s Head

In our opinion, a boat day will be the best day of your vacation, but you probably won’t spend every day on the water. On our USVI vacations, we always try to carve out some time to try different hikes. We usually head out first thing in the morning, get our hike in, and then … Read more


Get Your Shades of Blue Merch!

Short sleeve shirts are a 60/40 blend – super soft and super comfortable. Sizes S – XL. Long sleeve shirts are dry-fit, moisture wicking shirts that offer great UV protection. Perfect for the beach, fishing, or wearing while in the water. Sizes S – XL. We will offer both shirts for sale on the boat … Read more