The Donkeys of St John

Many people come to St John for the natural beauty and are amazed to find all different types of animals as well. One that stands out the most is the donkey. The donkey is a non-native species dating back to the "plantation days" when the sugar mills ran on donkey power. When the sugar mills stopped running, the donkeys were set free to roam the island.

You are sure to see them on the road from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay and maybe even on the beach from time to time. They are typically found in groups of 2 or 3. To many, the donkeys aren't always a welcome sight. Many feel that they have played a role in destroying part of the ecosystem of the island. Others view them as a cute reminder of what makes St John so quaint. You may be tempted to, but you're really not supposed to feed or touch the donkeys; it makes them more aggressive to be hand fed and more likely to approach people and cars.

If you are interested in learning more about them or helping to protect these lovable donkeys, reach out to the folks at Carolina Corral in Coral Bay where they run an animal rescue farm providing a home for domestic animals in need.