USVI Travel Tips

A lot of you will be traveling down to the USVI in the coming months so here's a travel tip for you. The travel day back home is always tough, but even worse when you have an early check out and a later flight. What can you do? There are a lot of options for how to spend this last day but a lot depends on you. For me, I like my last day to be low key/low stress and I always try to figure out a way to soak up every last drop of vacation fun before I get on my flight back home. Here are two good options for you.
If you have some time to kill before your flight, but not a lot, here's an option I highly recommend. Head to the airport right after you check out...but have your taxi driver drop you off at the Emerald Beach Resort right next door to the airport. Head out back to the restaurant/bar overlooking the beach. There's usually a nice breeze, music playing and a really relaxed atmosphere. Grab some drinks and maybe some food and relax knowing you are only a 5 minute walk to the airport. Be sure to try the "Mermaid Wata" drink - fantastic!
This next option works better if you have a mid or late afternoon flight AND you want to get a little more beach time. Check out of your place early and go to Magens Bay on St Thomas. Magens Beach is beautiful with plenty of room to spread out.
Walk the beach, swim in the ocean and enjoy one last beach day before heading home. There's a place to get drinks and lunch and the best part is they have bathrooms with shower facilities so you can get cleaned up before heading to the airport. There are always taxis there as well, so getting to the airport is easy.