Why You Should Book a Private Boat Charter in the US Virgin Islands

Many people have told me that the day they spent on the water with us was the best day of their vacation and that they are so happy they decided to book their charter. Given the large number of emails I receive from folks asking questions about our charters, it occurred to me that there are a LOT of people who come on vacation to the USVI and do not get out on the water. So, I thought I'd write a quick post on a few of the top reasons, in my mind, why I think you should book a private charter on your next US Virgin Islands vacation.
First, the US Virgin Islands are gorgeous and seeing them from the water gives you a different perspective. While on vacation, you get to drive around on the windy roads, up and down the hills and mountains visiting various beaches, hiking trails, and scenic overlooks. Views of the sea and the various shades of blue are everywhere. However, the natural beauty of these islands cannot be fully appreciated until you get out on a boat and view them from a different perspective. We can point out the various beaches you may have already visited or ones you plan to visit. We can show you various landmarks that aren't always visible from shore. By getting off the island and viewing it from the water, you gain a new appreciation for the scale of things.
Second, by booking a private charter, we can take you to places that are only accessible by boat. We can take you by the various offshore cays and islands that you see from your beach chair. We can take you to some great, uncrowded snorkeling spots that you just can't get to without a boat. We can take you to floating restaurants like Lime Out and Pizza Pi. We can even take you to secluded beaches that you cannot get to without a boat.
Third, when you book a private charter, the boat is yours for the day - we do not mix groups. I receive a lot of emails asking "how many "other" people will be on the boat with us". The only people on the boat besides your family and friends are the captain and perhaps a mate, but they won't be strangers for long. While it's nice to get to meet other people from various places while you're on vacation, sometimes you just want to hang out with your inner circle of friends and family. Having an entire boat to yourselves is a good way to do just that.
Fourth, when you book a private charter, not only is the boat yours for the day, but the schedule for the day is entirely up to you as well.  Unlike the larger boats that take lots of people out, we are not on a strict, pre-determined schedule with set times and stops. Don't get me wrong, the big boats are a LOT of fun, but sometimes, you just want to do what you and your crew want to do without a set schedule. We often have people come prepared with a list of places they want to see but we also have people with no set agenda that want to figure it out on the fly. With a private charter, you also have the ability to change your itinerary just because you feel like it. We had one group come out with us that wanted to stop and look for turtles at Maho before heading to Waterlemon Cay for more snorkeling. We tied up to a mooring ball that was right in the middle of all the action at Maho. After snorkeling, our guests sat on the boat and floated on noodles just "taking it all in". The boat next to us was grilling and had a great playlist going. We saw turtles pop up right next to the boat. A paddle boarder stopped by to rest and say hello. When asked if they would like to move along to Waterlemon, our guests said that they would prefer to spend more time right where they were. So, we stayed for another hour before moving on. Another time, while waiting for our pizzas from Pizza Pi in Christmas Cove, a band started playing live music from the deck of a large sailboat. Our guests enjoyed it so much that they decided to cancel the rest of their itinerary and we finished up the day right there. So, you have lots of freedom when on a private charter.
Lastly, while on a private charter, you get to spend a lot of time with your captain. Our captains have all lived in the Virgin Islands for years and they do what they do because they love sharing the beauty of the islands they call home with visitors. They will share stories, facts, history, folklore, and perhaps some gossip with you. They might point out the homes of famous people or tell you about past hurricanes. Your captain is a local...an expert, and by the end of the day, you will have laughed and learned a lot and perhaps gained a new friend.

These are just a few reasons why you should book a private boat charter on your next vacation. Give it a try - you won't be sorry!